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We aren’t the first group of people to think deeply about higher education marketing, and we won’t be the last. Our collection of agency experience gives us cause to dissect what we know, share what we’ve learned, and pontificate on what’s to come. It’s not all serious stuff, folks, we promise.

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What are the SEO Benefits of an ADA-Compliant Higher Ed Website?

How does web accessibility help your higher ed. website with SEO? Learn 3 ways ADA compliance can help your site rank better in search results.

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Why Higher Ed Website Micro Conversions Matter For Your Recruiting Goals

Your higher ed website should support macro recruiting goals. But higher ed website micro conversions are just as important to recruitment. Find out why.

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Google Analytics 4 for Higher Education: A Better Tool for High-Stakes Recruitment

Higher ed institutions using Google’s Universal Analytics will soon have to switch to GA4. Learn why the new platform will be a better recruitment tool.

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Adding Project Management Expertise to Higher Education Marketing

Project managers are prevalent in business and marketing, but not higher education. Learn why university marketing departments need project managers.

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Why Hiring a Higher Ed Marketing Agency Should Be a Top Priority

Marketing knowledge is distributed unevenly throughout universities. Learn how partnering with a higher ed marketing agency can fill the gaps.

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Design a Knockout Plan for Your University Event Promotions

Marketing your campus-wide events at busy universities is difficult. Learn how a solid event promotions plan will help you cut through the noise.

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