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We aren’t the first group of people to think deeply about higher education marketing, and we won’t be the last. Our collection of agency experience gives us cause to dissect what we know, share what we’ve learned, and pontificate on what’s to come. It’s not all serious stuff, folks, we promise.

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5 Google and PPC Tactics For an Oversaturated Higher Ed Market

The higher ed marketing landscape is saturated and competitive. Avoid blowing your budget by applying these 5 essential digital marketing tactics.

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Revolutionary Advances: Higher Ed Marketing Trends for 2023

With evolutions in AI, SEO and more, your higher ed marketing team must adapt or be left behind. Learn 6 higher ed marketing trends to keep you relevant.

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Why Defining Higher Ed Marketing Personas is a Must

Your higher ed’s target audience should drive marketing decisions. Learn how a persona exercise can satisfy stakeholders and streamline marketing efforts.

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Why a Static Higher Ed Website is a Doomed Website

A higher ed website should be the cornerstone for all marketing efforts, but it must be updated to be effective. Learn how a static site spells trouble.

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Why Website Analytics are Key to Optimizing Your Higher Ed Digital Marketing

Which channels benefit your higher ed digital marketing the most? Website analytics hold the answer, and they save you money and time. Learn how.

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3 Benefits to Supplementing With a Higher Ed Marketing Agency During Unstable Times

Low enrollment and budget cuts have led to staffing shortages on higher ed marketing teams. Learn how outside marketing agencies fill those gaps.

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