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We aren’t the first group of people to think deeply about higher education marketing, and we won’t be the last. Our collection of agency experience gives us cause to dissect what we know, share what we’ve learned, and pontificate on what’s to come. It’s not all serious stuff, folks, we promise.

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How to Win at Recruiting with a More United University Brand

If your university enrollment is down, it might be due to your branding strategy. Find out how a united university brand can help you win at recruitment.

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How to Be Friends with Your SEO Strategy

SEO doesn't have to be something to shy away from. It's an opportunity to evolve your marketing. An opportunity to listen to your audience with empathy, and deliver what they need. Believe it or not, it's an opportunity to share a lot of love.

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Brand Consistency, Tune Ups & Tools

The higher education universe is filled with brands. You're likely working for one. Are you doing enough to ensure consistency across every touchpoint? Is it hard to get stakeholders on board? Maybe it's time to beef up your brand toolbox.

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5 Actionable Insights to Take Away from Analytics

Data can be your friend or worst enemy. With Google Analytics you are poised to measure your marketing strategies but don't fall victim to data overload. We've had to rescue a few clients from the data dark side.

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Make the Most of Your Marketing Agency

Having an agency partner is like having a brain on call to think about your challenges. Use the teams you have. If they are great, trust them and give them space to do their work. You'll be glad you did. They'll be glad you did.

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