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Long buying cycles, lots of stakeholders, decisions in flux – we get it. Sometimes clients aren’t sure where to start.

We’ve worked with enough higher education clients to know that small steps can often lead to large gains. It’s important to simply identify your goals, and start walking the path forward.

Getting clients oriented is something we excel at. Right-sizing a scope of work is also our forte. Let’s talk about your marketing, how we can help, and where to begin.

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Discovery to Roadmap

This effort is a lighter version of our Discovery & Intake effort. This service includes, as appropriate, surveys, interviews, benchmarking, personas & recommendations. The effort ends with a 12-18 month marketing roadmap.

Who is this for?

This package is for units that aren’t quite ready to dive into a full scope of work. Units that have financial constraints, or need to plan more strategically for a larger effort, would benefit from this package.

Digital Audit

Websites are not static–you know this. You may have inherited a website that doesn’t seem like it’s doing its job. Digital audits allow us to dive into the site and evaluate it for website health & best practices, digital marketing readiness, and external presence. Our recommendations are designed to help your team with short-term fixes and optimizations and long-term planning.

Who is this for?

This package is for units that need to understand their website and how it’s performing. It’s often the desired exercise for units that intend to embark on a site redesign but need stakeholder buy-in, or a more comprehensive plan to address site issues in the short term.


Quotation marks
“We honor our clients by helping them figure out the right budgets, timelines, and scopes that will move the needle. Sometimes the first step is incremental and that's ok. We know our clients will take the leaps when they are ready.”

Dan Rowland President

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