Our Way of Working


When you work with our agency, you’ll benefit from our team’s skillsets, but a partnership with us means so much more.

You’re hiring a full-service marketing agency. From print to web, you’ll benefit from our deep roots in strategy, our expertise in higher education marketing, and our data-driven approach to helping clients succeed. We’re a team of seasoned professionals committed from concept to completion.

Project Approach & Key Roles

We focus on communication and setting accurate expectations from the beginning. Lines of communication remain open and uncomplicated. If problems arise during the project, we will work together to find a mutually agreed-upon solution. Moreover, we make sure your project benefits from the discipline afforded by these key agency roles:

  • Agency President – Agency and strategy lead. Provides support throughout the entire project. Facilitation of key stakeholder meetings as necessary.
  • Director of Strategy – Strategy lead, responsible for intake analysis and execution of key exercises and deliverables. Works closely with both client and agency team.
  • Account Manager – Primary client point-person. Responsible for all communications with the project team, key influencers, decision-makers, and vendors. Maintains the relationship with the client.
  • Project Manager Responsible for project planning, logistics and management, scope of work, various tasks, and milestones.
  • Art Director(s) – Creative lead, responsible for tasks and milestones related to design and production for print and online.
  • Lead Web Developer Web development lead, responsible for various tasks and milestones related to website production, site updates, and revisions.
  • Digital Strategist – Digital marketing lead, responsible for tasks and milestones associated with SEO, SEM, analytics, and conversion architecture.

Structure Matters

We’re a team of SMEs —subject matter experts—and although we collaborate often, we don’t do each other’s job. There is efficiency in a process when you step out of the way and allow the right people to weigh in at the right time. Our clients are often maxed out by “group-thinking” or “projects by committee.” We think too much energy gets wasted on a project when there aren’t disciplined paths of thought and practice. At Rowland, our experts do their jobs and contribute to projects accordingly. Our culture is one of deep respect for each other and for our clients.

We think our way of working separates us from other agencies, and we’re okay with that. We run lean and agile. And we believe our clients get the best work from our team of smart people just doing what they do best.

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