Discovery and Strategy, when done well, leads to amazing execution. Execution is when the work comes to life– when it all comes together in ways that meet your audiences where they are and measure their engagement. Most people rely heavily on online experiences. We live in an integrated digital world full of complexities and this is why we consider ourselves digital partners.

Most often, in our agency, digital efforts mean building websites. It isn’t enough anymore to simply build a website. You have to understand more about the users that seek your content or to experience your brand. What decision are they trying to make? What channels led them to your organization? What other media is fighting for their attention?

Marketing is fluid. You have to benchmark, engage, test, calibrate, measure…and measure again.  And you have to be curious, driven, and determined to capture the attention of the right audiences.

Intention + Momentum = Conversion

Movement matters. Intentionally moving in the right direction, exploring a path, finding answers, and validation–this is how a digital journey should work.

“Conversion” is another one of those marketing words that strikes us funny. Let’s agree that what we mean by this, is a sort of “specialized alignment.” You want to attract a certain audience to your website. You want them to find intuitive navigational paths. You want to learn from them along the way. You want them to make informed decisions and be ready to take the next steps. Converting a web user just means you are helping them get from point A to point B. You’re taking care of them. Measuring conversions simply means you’re committed to learning how to do it better.

Execution of digital strategy requires the understanding of online and integrated interactions. Connecting the experiences of a user takes expertise and talent. We are very proud to support our clients through the following milestone initiatives:

  • Website Audits
  • Website Design
  • Website Development & Support
  • CRM Alignment
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing / PPC
  • Analytics and KPI’s
  • Email Marketing & Automation

What comes next?

To say support is a “next step” in our process is incorrect. Supporting our clients throughout the relationship is just what we do. However, after we’ve launched your digital strategy–you’re really going to want us around. Collaborating on the metrics that matter to you most, meeting with your stakeholders, planning for future budget cycles–we’ll be there.

Quotation marks
“Empowering marketing teams with data and helping them understand user behavior is a game-changer. Suddenly, goals are more refined and their marketing becomes less reactive and more proactive.”

Director of Strategy