Insights & Musings

We weren’t the first group of people to think deeply about higher education marketing, and we won’t be the last. Our collection of agency experience gave us cause to dissect what we knew, share what we had learned, and pontificate on what was to come. It wasn’t all serious stuff, we promise.

Below is an archive of selected articles posted over the years.

Design a Knockout Plan for Your University Event Promotions

Marketing your campus-wide events at busy universities is difficult. Learn how a solid event promotions plan will help you cut through the noise.

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How to Better Manage Your Higher Ed Initiative Branding

Managing higher ed branding efforts for your marketing initiative is complicated. Learn how a disciplined and common sense branding strategy makes all the difference.

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Apply a Business-Centric Approach to Higher Ed Student Recruitment

Universities should apply a more business-centric approach to their operations and recruitment efforts. Learn why treating students as customers is key.

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Higher Ed Websites: ADA Compliance Best Practices

Learn about ADA-compliance best practices in higher education so your website stays compliant and accessible long after launch.

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How to Position Your College’s Presidential Initiative for Success

How do you position your university presidential initiative for success? Create a standout marketing communications strategy to achieve big goals.

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How to Win at Recruiting with a More United University Brand

If your university enrollment is down, it might be due to your branding strategy. Find out how a united university brand can help you win at recruitment.

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