Build a Better Brand—Intentionality Matters

Intention gets lost sometimes in organizations. You have to rally around common goals and set consistent standards when this happens.

Brands need to be built, nurtured and maintained or else they begin to deteriorate. Sounds bleak, doesn’t it? What you do with your brand has to matter to you, your organization, and your audience. Otherwise, you can’t celebrate the results of your efforts.

Brand Analysis Package

Intentionality is core to everything we do. We bet you’re here because you also seek a more intentional marketing function. You already know that brand experiences give users meaning and value, so how do you know when your brand needs a tune-up?

Audits and analysis are critical when discovering a disparity between your intended and perceived brand attributes.  At Rowland, we ask, “Is your house in order?”  Does your brand feel the same to internal and external audiences? If the answer is “no,” then it’s time to do some work.

We do this work by conducting the following exercises:

  • Discovery: Our Discovery process is a foundational fact-finding exercise. We’ll take a deep dive into your world—accessing your objectives, understanding your challenges, and defining your goals. We’ll spend time listening and talking to stakeholders. Together we will tease out the desired results for your efforts and the strategies needed to reach your goals.
  • Brand Strategy Analysis: We’ll dive into any existing research to understand your current work. We’ll review any surveys, documented brand guides, personas…etc.
  • Brand Elements Analysis: Our team will review your portfolio of materials (online and other advertising materials) and audit the work based on brand hierarchy, brand identity, language, and messaging use.
  • Website Content and Aesthetics Analysis: Our deep industry experience will guide our exploration of your higher ed unit’s website. Careful attention will be given to information architecture, audience alignment, content structure, and aesthetics.
  • Brand Perception Survey: Surveying your key audiences can tell us a lot about your internal and external brand alignment. We’ll tailor a survey to learn more about how they perceive your brand.

Who is this for?

This package is for units that need to recalibrate their brand strategy. We’ll help tease out success points to help your team (and your key audiences) steward your brand. You can expect to bring consistency to your website and other marketing initiatives. Connect with us to get started or learn more about our Benchmarking and Personas or Digital Audit packages.

Quotation marks
“We help our clients figure out the right budgets, timelines, and scopes that will move the needle. Sometimes the first step is incremental, and that's ok. We know our clients will take the leap when they are ready.”

Dan Rowland President